Saturday, 13 June 2009

Day 8 : On to week 2 now.

Well, I would have updated earlier… if I wasn’t in the pub today.  I survived!!!!  I survived the pub without smoking!  I bought the nicotine mint lozenges so I wasn’t chewing gum and trying to find somewhere to dispose of it.  There were two different strengths though… 4mg and 2 mg… I stuck with the 2mg to play it safe because of the patches and I’ve had a few from the pack (you get 36 in the pack) but they are only going to be used when I go out with friends or on a shopping trip… which is rare so they’ll be on reserve.


I couldn’t believe how easy it was to be able have fun and not smoke or annoy anyone! It felt great!  None of my friends smoke so it was so great not missing any of the conversation because I was out having a cig!  A friend of mine brought her boyfriend with her today, whom I’d never met before, and he smokes but he seems to have held off as much as possible while I was there… he was either being considerate or not a heavy smoker.


Also… I never really noticed before today when we were leaving the pub how much smoking is everywhere!  I couldn’t believe it but my friend (who quit 5 years ago) said she noticed too when she stopped!  It’s amazing!  I’m glad I’ve stopped now… I have a smidgen more confidence about me because I never noticed before how much I ponged when I smoked… now I don’t… I feel clearer too! :-)


Here’s to the rest of my life!!!!


  1. Wow Emma you are doing so well, no wonder you are pleased, loads of hand clapping going on here:D

  2. Well done Emma, That's a very big hurdle you jumped clear of today! Keep up the great work, those kids'll get their surprise very soon!