Monday, 8 June 2009

Day 3


Had a little trouble getting to sleep last night... nasty nic struck just as I was dozing of... not wanting to chew gum in case I fell asleep and choked, I asked Nik if he had his juice in with him, which he didn't. So I said, "Oh well, I'll just tough it out." And I did! I started to think of things the extra money would be spent on like the kids TV, presents for christmas and birthdays... a new game even! That helped so I soon went to sleep.

I'm ok just now... but Nathan started this morning so I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad.


Yesterday, Nik & I gave our upstairs neighbour the rest of the tobacco, papers and tips... was nearly a full pouch. I knew she smoked roll ups so I knew they would have been appreciated. Well, today I got a wee surprise! My eldest came in with two little boxes of chocolates for Nik & me! They were a 'thank you' from my upstairs neighbour for giving her the tobacco! I couldn't believe it! I have never expected anything in return when I do something nice for someone... and at the end of the day... she's doing us the favour by taking it off our hands and keeping us from the temptation! We didn't normally smoke roll ups, they were 'emergency stash' in case we were completely skint and had ran out of cigarettes! I'm very happy she appreciates them... not many people would show their appreciation around here.


I have been feeling breathless and restless... For about an hour I have felt defeated and the urge to smoke grew incredibly strong... I had visions of myself going next door to get a cigarette! I text my friend who is also quitting and she called me back and got me round... I was even crying as I answered the phone to her. She's a gem, she really is :-).

I think Nik is going to give up however... things are adding up for him... but we'll see... he might just surprise me!


I was just looking back at today's post and something dawned on me. When I said thinking of what to do with the extra money helped me to sleep, I realised it sounded materialistic! That's not the case at all. I am just happy that I will be able to treat the kids properly without telling them we can't afford it! I know everyone's health will be improved but I won't lie to you and say I'm not quitting because of money. I am quitting because of money... I simply just can not afford it anymore... finances have been really tight the past weeks and I've had enough of it!

Emz - Gothstitcher - Free and Healing for Two Days, 10 Hours and 24 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 8 Hours, by avoiding the use of 97 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £23.51.


  1. It's lovely when someone unexpectedly does some thing nice Emma :) and as what you and Nik are doing isn't easy it was great that your neighbour showed her appreciation... and you've got 3 days behind you already:D great idea to put the money on one side, a sold reminder of what you are acheiving..loads of good vibes coming from down here to you up there :):)

  2. Hiya hun. Wow 3 days! That's great. What a lovely thing for your neighbour to do. I hope you both enjoy the chocolates. Sending good vibes from us too hun.

  3. It's okay to 'visualise' the material things, because it all helps with this difficult time. At the end of the day, you'll have to treat yourself and family with 'materials' to reward all your (and your family's) hard work.