Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day 2

I sort of slept in this morning, I woke up at about 8:10am which means my patch from yesterday was on an extra 55 minutes. Fresh patch put on and went back to sleep... lol... awoke at around 9:50am and thought, oh no... need to give Kaylee (my 2 year old) her breakfast... it's getting late now, so that's me up.

Whenever I feel like a cigarette I just chew sugar free gum. Today I feel a little more relaxed. I went to the shop with Nathan (my 9 year old) and there was a lady just about to open a pack of cigarettes... I just looked away... and I didn't buy any either! GO ME! lol

Nik and I have come up with a plan... we normally spent £10 per day on cigarettes... so instead of buying the cigarettes, we will put money in a jar and see the money add up! HOPEFULLY, by the end of the month we will have roughly £280 and we have decided to buy the kids a new TV for their room! We haven't told them as we want it to be a surprise! I'm really excited about this, I can't wait to see their faces!


I don't know what to do with myself now... I was stitching but I had to put it away as it's a card I'm making for my eldest and she's home from her dad's now. I was playing Animal Crossing on the Wii but it's raining in my town so I got bored a bit too quick, I'm missing one butterfly to bring me up to date and there isn't any butterflies out in the town when it rains :-/

I'm bored as hell now.... what to do - what do to... ho hum. Maybe I'll have a look through my wips/ufo's... most of them are stored away in a box beside me so I won't have to dig far... well... not too far... ;-)


I want to cry :-(


Have made myself a coffee but need to drink it in the living room. I never smoked anywhere in the house except the kitchen with the window wide open so my coffee is normally drank in there... so need to change that habit.

I'm going to get my coffee, get my shower then play Animal Crossing : Let's Go To The City for a bit then bed.


  1. Wow hun. It sounds as though your doing well. The idea of putting the ciggy money in a jar is a great idea and at least you know you have something to work towards, buying a tv for the kiddies room is a great way to do it. With Nik quitting with you, you both have someone who is going through the same thing and that helps a lot. Once you both have been good for a few weeks you may get something in the post from me for the work you both have done with giving up. ;-) I know you both can do it. Tell Nik that too. {{{Hugs}}} to you both. xx

  2. Aww Claire... there really is no need. Nik has not long had his last tobacco fix ad the rest has gone to our upstairs neighbour. He is now stitching to keep his hands occupied and his mind off it :)

  3. Big {{{hugs}}} for you both, you can do it, it's only tough in the beginning, which means it does get better. I really like the jar idea - a very visible reminder of what you are doing it for. Well done!

  4. Thank you Karen. It means a lot to us both. xxx