Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Day 5


I had a nice evening last night and went to my bed early. There was a point though were I got so fed up that I made a mistake in my stitching… so that annoyed me and I’ll be picking that up again shortly. My hands even got ‘itchy’ with needing to something to do and before I went to bed I got restless… then when I knew it was bedtime.

I feel so much better today! I went out again to shops and someone blew smoke in my direction… I was actually disgusted! SO I coughed as loud as I could… purposely! Lol I think I got the message across J

It’s amazing how much more time you have when you don’t have a cigarette to waste those 5 minutes that could be spent doing something else. All those 5 minutes add up! SO you get more time to get stuff done or finish those little projects or odd jobs! And the good thing is… if I ever go back out to work… no ciggy breaks so more work in the day gets done! I feel really good now! Lol, I was in Somerfield this morning buying a couple of things for lunch and I said to myself… “Right, off to the fag counter to NOT buy any fags”… hee hee,.. it feels good not even looking at them anymore.


Nik is doing so much better today! I'm very proud of him! He had to call Nathan's school this evening and needed a cig after but I took his mind off it and he's fine :) He'll very soon be starting to feel the benefits!

I'm not long out of a shower and my patch was starting to come off. I had to put 6 plasters on it this morning because everytime I stretched my arm to reach for something it was coming undone. So I now have another four plasters on top of that because of my shower... lol... I look like a stabbing victim! pmsl.

Anyway, I'm hungry, off to see what's for my dinner... toodle - loo

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  1. Wow it sounds as though you both are doing well. Finding ciggy smoke disgusting is surely a good sign. Have you thought of putting a small sectiom of a tubeula(sp) bandage over your arm where the patch is? My M.I.L did it when she tried to quit smoking and it did seem to keep the patch in place. Well i'm looking forward to reading more of how you are doing. Keep up the good work. xxx