Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day 4



Nik and I had a fight last night… I think we were both just a bit ratty due to the lack of cigarettes… he even said he was going out to buy some!  I think that’s what kicked it off because I was so angry and disappointed.  I’m really determined this time!  We were ok this morning.  He woke me gently and said hi… so I apologised as I have been quit longer so I’m feeling it more.


Tried booking my tickets for my trip next month but having no luck… wish I had a bloomin’ car! >.<


He still wants a cigarette… he refuses NRT and gum but I’m really hoping he doesn’t cave in L


We’re off out to the shops soon so I hope he doesn’t buy any.

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  1. You'll have lots of ups and downs, especially with both of you doing it at the same time. Although it will be easier in the long run, as you'll have each other for support rather than one of you making it even harder for the other by continueing to smoke - I hope this makes sense ( it did in my head!). Keep up the great work Emmma, and take care - both of you {{{{{hugs}}}}.