Saturday, 6 June 2009

Day 1!

Well, this morning I awoke at around 7:15am and as soon as my eyes were open I put on my first patch.

It is now 9:10am and I still have a craving which I'm doing my best to ignore... I know this is not going to be easy and I've mentally prepared myself for the bumpy road ahead.

I've joined the NiQuitin discussion board where I can get in touch which ex-smokers and people going through the same things as myself, I have a very dear friend who is smoke free for 11 days now and my partner is going to quit too so I have support.

On Monday I'm going to try and see a nurse about smoking cessation to also help me.

More updates as I go on.

Emz xxx


I have printed out a PDF with a sort of check list. Instead of check marks, it's a score sheet to help remind me why I'm doing this.

Edited to fix a typo.



My son has started his nonesense and has stressed me out... I threatened him that I would have a fag if he didn't stop (he doesn't like me smoking) and he said he'd throw them in the bin... love to see him try, Nik has stashed them and I don't knowwhere! LMAO!

I have resisted the urge and now waiting for Nik to come back from the shops with Sugar Free Gum... this is not going to be easy but I always knew that anyway.

Sunday 7th June 2009 13:35am

Oh the joys... my oven has broken down again! I certainly picked the wrong day to quit!

Ok, well... I did it! I survived my first day! I went to bed sometime after 2am as I was watching a moving (Godsend with Robert de Niro... a good film but to me it was a bit twisted). I had my last cigarette at 12am on Saturday morning before goig to bed so that made it roughly 26 hours smoke free! WOO HOO! It was really tough though, but I stuck it out... I'm determined not to let tobacco rule my life anymore!

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